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The Bounce Notification Message is a reporting feature built into the CivicPlus platform for all sites. The report records whenever a bounced email is returned following a Notify Me delivery. The Bounced Notification message is generated when bounced emails are detected and are sent to all System Administrators of affected sites, but only System Admins. The report generates daily, but no email will send if no bounces occur on that day. 

Once an email address records a predetermined set of bounces (most commonly 3), the email address will be disabled (deactivated), and notification messages will no longer be sent to that email address. This reduces the load on servers by not sending emails to users who cannot receive them. A successfully delivered notification will reset that email address’s bounce count to 0. The number of bounces required before an email address is set to inactive can be updated by Support.

The email address will be deactivated on all sites upon which it is subscribed. Bounce Notifications will be sent to All Sites to which the reported email address is subscribed. Due to this, a site may receive a Bounce Notification message for categories that have not recently been used to send a notification. When the bounce count is reset, it is reset on all subscribed sites.

Users can address the reason their email address is responding with bounce messages and resubscribe to reactivate their subscriptions. If a user is no longer using the address, no action is required.

At this time, the only way to prevent a specific user from being sent the Bounced Message notification is by disabling the user’s System Administrator permissions. Making the user an Owner will stop them from getting the report email.

If the report lists several users with the same email domain or users that should receive notifications (staff, local officials, etc.), it is helpful to verify with the email domain's administrators that emails from and are not being blocked or filtered.

Important Note

  • At this time the bounce notification message does not include SMS, so any invalid SMS numbers will not be removed from the system.
  • Out-of-Office messages will count as bounced messages.

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    Sheri Ouellette

    Please include a note that OOO messages will count as a bounce and users should periodically review the reports especially for internal work emails.

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    Becca Drake

    Hi Sheri,

    Thank you for sharing that insight! I have included the note for clarification.

    Thank you,
    Your Help Center Team