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The Bounce Notification Message is a feature built into the CivicPlus platform for all sites to improve the awareness of system administrators over the email subscribers and the bounces that may happen in the subscriber lists. This message generates to all system administrators on the site each day a message is sent and there are bounces; no email will send to administrators if there are no bounces that occur. 

There is a way to change the number of bounces that the website takes to make the email address inactive, however, at this time there is not an option to change who receives the bounce notification message without changing the user's permissions on the site (removing system administrator privileges). Please contact Support to make this change.

If an email address refuses three messages from any Notify Me category, that email address is automatically removed from the system.

Important Note

  • At this time the bounce notification message does not include SMS, so any invalid SMS numbers will not be removed from the system.

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