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Old Service Migration


In the CivicPlus system, you have the ability to import subscriber lists you may have from a different service or provider. This is done through the Subscribers screen of the list you would like to add to.


Important Notes

  • When importing, it requires each user to opt-in before they are active on the list. There is an option to bypass this via a prompt. If this option is not showing for you, please contact Support.
  • How to manage subscriptions can be found in our management article.


Before Go Live

If your site is not live yet, it is not recommended to import any lists, as the confirmation link will only use a live domain so it will not be operational until your new CivicPlus site is live.


Importance of Opt-In

  • A study showed that 5-20% of addresses entered in signup forms are invalid or incorrect
  • According to a MarketingSherpa study, 1/3 of users knowingly enter inaccurate addresses some of the time
  • According to The Spamhaus Project, by requiring citizens to Opt-In; in the event of a “spam” accusation, clients are fully and legally protected because the address owner's reply to the Subscription Confirmation Request, received back from the address owner proves that the address owner did, in fact, opt-in and grant verifiable consent for the mailings.



  • The Spamhaus Project: The Spamhaus Project is an international organization, based in both London and Geneva, founded in 1998 by Steve Linford to track email spammers and spam-related activity.
  • AWeber: AWeber is an email marketing platform that allows 100,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and send emails.

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