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Convenience Fees


This article will explain convenience fees within the ePayment Center.

Important Notes

  • CivicPlus no longer supports the provision of legacy ePayment Center payment gateways, such as Heartland, Elavon, PayPal. All new payment gateway setups must be with CP Pay, either the CP Pay Merchant or one of the supported payment gateways.
  • CP Pay and CP Pay Merchant are together the CivicPlus preferred payment solution where you can create a secure, PCI-compliant payment gateway for your online services. To learn more about our preferred payment solution, please visit CP Pay.
  • The Convenience Fee is a module-wide parameter and cannot be set up per individual form. 

What is a Convenience Fee? 

A convenience fee is not related to the cost to process the payments, which varies depending on the Payment Processor. A convenience fee is an extra charge levied for the privilege or convenience of paying for a product or service by way of a credit card when paying by credit card is not ordinarily accepted.

For example, if you pay for your taxes online by credit card, expect to pay a small convenience fee.


  • Convenience fees are set to a 7% default value.
  • The 7% default value can be adjusted.
  • To adjust the convenience fee value, contact Support with the percentage you prefer.
  • The convenience fee value cannot be less than 2.5% or more than 7.5%.
    • Note: The fee that is charged will either be $2.00 or this percentage, based on which amount is greater.
  • The convenience fee cannot vary for different types of payments. For example, the convenience fee charged for checks cannot be different than the convenience fee charged for credit cards.

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