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Add a Comment to a Request

Who can use this feature?

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Note: Authors can submit comments for approval. Publishers can add and send comments.



You can comment on the progress of a submitted request through Request Tracker. You can also share files that may be needed, change details about a request, or view associate requests. 


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Request Tracker
  2. Select the category containing the submitted request
  3. Click Actions next to the request
  4. Select View Details
  5. Review the existing Request information
    • Category: You can change the category of the request if it was submitted to the wrong category
    • Priority: You can raise or lower the priority level of this request
    • Assigned To: You can change the person this request is assigned to
    • CC Email List: You can change the CC Email list
    • Last Modified: The date this request was last modified
    • Submitted: The date this request was submitted
    • Source: Tells you the manner the request was submitted as well as the IP Address from where the request was submitted
    • Submitter: The information for the person who submitted this request
    • Contact: The contact information for the person who submitted the request
    • Close: This closes the request
    • Add Comment: You can add a comment to the request
    • Print Work Order: Prints a work order for this request
    • Print History: Prints the history of the request
    • Request Details: This is the map and description of the request
    • History Trail: You can add a comment to this request
  6. At the bottom of the page, add your Comment
  7. Click Choose File to add a file as an attachment link to your comment
    • Convert to PDF: Convert your file from its original file type to a PDF attachment
    • Note: For security reasons, anonymous users will not be sent attachment links or be able to view them.
  8. Click Save or Save and Publish
    • Save: Saves comment, does not become publicly viewable
    • Save & Publish: Saves comment, becomes publicly viewable
    • This comment is only viewable internally: Mark the comment as only readable for internal staff
  9. Reply OK to the pop-up to publish for live view
  10. Click OK to send an email; click Cancel to prevent an email from being sent to the submitter and CC Email List

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    Caryn Jackson

    How do you print the history of a closed request?