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Add a Department in Staff Directory

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This article will show you how to add a department in Staff Directory.



  1. Select Modules > Content > Staff Directory

  2. Locate where you would like to add the department 

  3. Mouse over the department you want to place the new one above or below and select Add

  4. Select Add Category > Above or Below
    • Above: Add the category above this category
    • Below: Add the category below this category

  5. Complete the information
    • Note: This contact information is for the department, not an individual
    • Category Name: Display name
    • Physical Address: Add address information
    • Map & Directions: Choose if you would like to display a map and/or directions
    • Mailing Address: Add mailing address information
    • Phone: Department phone number
    • Emergency Phone: Department emergency phone number
    • Fax: Department fax number
    • Submits a Form: Choose whether or not you would like the department to receive forms
    • Email: Department email address
    • Show Email as: What you would like the email address to read; typically you would have it as the name of the department
    • Link: Allows you to add a link to the department page
    • Link Text: Allows you to hide the link address as something readable
    • Brief Description: Allows you to add a brief description of the department
    • Hidden: Allows you to choose if you would like this to be hidden
    • Show Archive: Allows you to show archived departments
    • Template: Allows you to choose if you would like to have a template attached to this department
    • Permissions: Set permissions for the department
      • View: May view the live side only
      • Author: Submit new items and modify/delete unpublished items
      • Publisher: Publish new items, modify unpublished items, modify published items and accept/reject submitted items
      • Owner: Publish new items, modify/delete unpublished items, modify/delete published items, accept/reject submitted items, create/modify categories and assign category permissions

  6. Click Save or Save and Publish at the top of the page
    • Save: Allows you to save the changes made without publishing to the live site
    • Save and Publish: Allows you to save and publish to the live site

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