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The Custom HTML widget has a wide range of uses. CivicEngage is a powerful platform that gives you the ability to consume its APIs or integrate your own web services into it. With this functionality it allows our web solution to be used for many different types of needs. A few examples that our clients have integrated with our website are Property Tax Calculators, Inmate Lookup Tools, Parcel Searches, and many custom web service integrations. The most popular are:


Many applications offer an Application Program Interface, or API, which allows other applications to interact with their system. Using a Custom HTML widget in CivicEngage, your site can also interact with almost any API available. API’s also have the ability to receive data from CivicEngage. To do this, you will POST a request to an endpoint that contains data in a format the API is expecting.



Not all code is compatible with the CivicPlus Content Management System (CMS). Conflicts between an added script and our base system code can cause pages to break. This can include widgets not behaving as expected, editing functions becoming disabled, or complete lack of access to the page. Due to these potential errors, it is recommended that Custom HTML be tested on copied pages prior to being added to a live page or the full site. Future releases may impact compatibility, which may cause previously working code to fail.


Important Notes

  • If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Support. However, if the Custom HTML script has been provided by a party other than CivicPlus, Support will only be able to assess the interaction of the code with the CMS. Support is unable to troubleshoot third party code beyond basic analysis.
  • In the event that Custom HTML code conflicts with a page, you may need to Disable Custom HTML Rendering to access editing options.
  • Some links or content may not operate via iFrame based on browser or security policies. Please view our article Embed Videos on a Page for further troubleshooting options.


  1. Navigate to your desired page
  2. Ensure Live Edit Is On
  3. Select Widgets from the tab menu
  4. Drag and drop the Custom HTML widget onto the page where you would like your item to show
  5. Paste your custom code into the widget
  6. Select Done
  7. Click Save at the top of the page

Note: You may not be able to see the product of your code in live edit. You may have to turn live edit off before being able to see what a user will see. 

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