Page Management


Edit a Page


  1. Navigate to the page you would like to edit
  2. Turn on Live Edit
  3. Select Save as Copy to open a draft to edit
  4. If you would like to add notes to your page version, select Actions > Options
  5. A pop-up window will appear
    • Title: Title of the page
    • Version Notes: Any internal notes you would like to be added; ex: if you would like this version to be for a season, you can add "Spring" or "Summer" to the notes
    • Linked Page: Allows you to link a page; you must create a new version to make it a linked version
    • Description: A description of what is displayed on the page
    • Keywords: Allows you to add keywords that pertain to your page
    • Image: Allows you to attach an image to your page
    • Display: Allows you to set dates that this version will display
  6. To change content on a page, you have two options
    1. Navigate to Widgets > Content (for new content)
    2. Click inside the existing content area (for existing content)
  7. Navigate to Widgets > Modules
    • These are other modules that you can add to a page in a feature column
    • Note: You cannot edit other module content from other pages 
  8. Saving Options
    • Save: Will save changes without publishing to live site
    • Save and Publish: Will save and publish to live site
    • Save as Copy: Will save changes as a copy
    • Save and Send: Will save changes and send for approval
    • Cancel: Will delete the changes made

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