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CivicPlus officially cites Google Chrome as the recommended browser that works most effectively with your CivicEngage product.  

The reasons are as follows: 

  • It is very fast and stable: Google invests significant engineering effort in making sure that the browser continually provides a fast, responsive, and satisfying experience on the web.
  • It is what gets tested the most by CivicPlus: While CivicPlus executes quality testing on multiple browsers and devices, our product engineering team most frequently tests Google Chrome.
  • Our Forms Center provides a drop shadow functionality: To help users identify where form fields are on a form layout, and this function operates effectively in Google Chrome.

Important Note

  • Google Chrome is the only supported browser for Live Edit at this time.

Supported Browsers



Internet Explorer

browser-edge-explorer-microsoft-icons-png-7.pngEdge Photoshopedia-Xedia-Firefox.icoFirefox Johnathanmac-Mavrick-Chrome.icoChrome Safari-Icon-855008.pngSafari
Internet Explorer 11
Latest Version Latest Version

Latest Version

Native Browser

Not supported
MAC Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported

Latest Version

Native Browser


Mobile (front-end only)

Native browser only - current + 1 back

iOS Native Browser is Safari

Native browser only - current + 1 back

Android Native Browser is Chrome



  • If you still cannot figure out which browser you are using or which operating system you are on, visit

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