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This article will show you how to add Staff Members to a Department in your Staff Directory


Important Note

  • Ensure Show Items in Categories is enabled in Settings to view staff in categories.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Staff Directory

  2. Hover over your department with no members in it

  3. Select Add > Add Item: First to add a staff member

  4. Fill in fields
    • First Name (required): Enter the member's first name
    • Last Name (required): Enter the member's last name
    • Title: Enter the member's title/job position
    • Phone: Enter the member's phone number
    • Submits a Form: Select Yes/No to indicate whether or not the member submits a form
    • Email: Enter the member's email address
    • Show Email as: Enter alt-text for the member's email
    • Link: Enter a URL for the member
    • Link Text: Enter alt-text for the member's link that appears on the front-end
    • Biography: Briefly describe the member
    • Photograph: Click Choose Image to upload a photo to represent the member
      • Note: The recommended photo size is 275px by 415px.
    • Show Archive: Select Yes/No to if the member appears in the Archive

  5. Click Save and Publish at the top of the screen
    • Note: Authors can only select Save.

  6. To add more members, hover over your new member

  7. Select Add > Add Item: Above or Below
    • Select Above if you want the new member to appear on top of the current member in the lost, or Below if you want them to appear below the current member.

  8. Repeat steps 7 to 10 for as many members as you want

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