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This article will show you how to add a link to Quick Links.

Best Practices

  • Category and link titles should be intuitively named.
    • Do not use the names of departments, breadcrumbs, etc. if they don’t make sense on their own.
  • Indicate file extensions at the end of links.
    • Examples: PDF, PPT, XLS, HTML
  • Open all documents/files in a new window.
  • All links to other pages within the same website or links to external URLs should open in the same window.
  • When using the widget in the feature column retain the default menu title Quick Links.

Note: Quick Links do not have to be alphabetized. Clients may sometimes put the most important link at the top of a list.


  1. Select Modules > Content > Quick Links
  2. Next to your desired category, select Choose an Action > Add Link
  3. Fill in the information
    • Web Address: The website address you want for your Quick Link
      • Note: All URLs must begin with http:// or https:// or ftp://.
      • Note: All internal links must start with a '/'.
    • Display Text: Will show a display text instead of the link for ADA compliance
    • Open in new window: Check if you want this Quick Link to open in a new window; if you do not put a checkmark in the checkbox the link will open in the same window
    • Display
      • Starting On: Date you would like this Quick Link to display on the public side
      • Stopping On: Date you would like this Quick Link to come off and unpublish itself from the public side
  4. Select a saving option
    • Cancel: Will delete your work
    • Save: Will save your work as an unpublished draft
    • Save & Publish: Will save the work and publish it for viewing

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