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Add a Favicon to Your Site


A Favicon is a small icon that appears to the left of your site address in the address bar of your browser. It is also utilized in mobile website shortcuts, Windows tiles, and Safari webpage shortcuts.


If you have an existing favicon, please submit it to our Support Team, after confirming it meets the requirements listed below. 

If you would like us to create a favicon for you, and your CivicEngage website is currently live, please reach out to your Client Success Manager as there may be a cost associated.

If you would like us to create a favicon and your CivicEngage website is still in the production phase, please reach out to your Project Manager.

Important Note

  • Only one favicon can be added to a website. A single website cannot have different favicons based on pages.

Favicon Requirements

  • PNG/JPG/SVG: Should be 260x260 pixels or more for optimal results.

Conversion Instructions

The CivicEngage Web Developers and Support Team will ultimately convert any PNG or JPG file into multiple favicon items. These items are specifically tailored to its unique role, such as a Windows Tile, Safari SVG, Mobile App Shortcut, etc.

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