Request Tracker

Request Tracker

Request Tracker Overview


The Citizen Request Tracker™ (CRT™) is used as a reporting and tracking tool to report problems in a community. Once a problem is submitted it gets routed and emailed to the correct department or person (this is set up when the category/form is set up). 

The department or person can reply to the citizen about the problem they submitted through the CRT™. The CRT™ will keep a date and time history of the communication.

The CRT™ can also keep stats on departments, problems (Example: street light out, stray animal, etc.), and individuals to see how many problems were submitted, how many problems are still opened, how many are closed, and the average time it takes to close or fix a problem.


  • Organized citizen requests by category
  • Create specific form names for specific request needs
  • Provide follow-up communication to the citizen that place the request
  • Assign requests to specific users 

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