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Activate or Deactivate Request Tracker Users

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This article will show you how to activate a user or make a user inactive.

Important Note

  • Users must be a member of a Group with Request Tracker permissions enabled. These are managed via the Group Administration module or the Permissions tab in the Request Tracker module.
  • Users must also belong to the Active Users list in the Users Tab in the Request Tracker module.
  • Users that do not meet both criteria will get a message stating "You do not have user rights to this module". This includes System Admins. If a System Admin moves himself to the Inactive Users list, they will lose access to the Request Tracker module.
  • If no one on your team has access to Request Tracker, have the Primary Contact for your account reach out to Support.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > RequestTracker
  2. Navigate to the Users tab
  3. Select Make Inactive or Make Active

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