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This article will show you how to import Staff and Departments into the Staff Directory. You can use the import tool to easily add items.

Format Rules

  • You must first create an Excel file with your items.
  • You can view a Template with these fields as a Resource attached to this article.
    • Note: On the CSV template, there are two separate spreadsheets: Departments and Staff. If you need to update Department and/or Staff information, you must do so on the applicable spreadsheet(s). The Departments spreadsheet is the one that actually creates the departments inside of the module, and the Staff spreadsheet creates the users/staff. If you update your CSV file correctly, you can import the entires without error.
  • Required fields on the Excel file include:
    • Name
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Mail Address 1
    • Mail Address 2
    • Mail City
    • Mail State
    • Mail Zipcode
    • Phone
    • Emergency Phone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Show Email as
    • Link
    • Link Text
    • Brief Description
    • Hidden
    • Show Archive
    • Category
    • Sub-Category 
  • If you leave a field blank, enter a space in the field and move on.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Staff Directory
  2. Click Import Staff
  3. Click Choose File
  4. Locate and Open your file
  5. Review the Yes/No questions:
    • First line contains field names: Tells the importer if it should ignore the first line or if it has actual content within it
    • Override all duplicate entries: Save over any entries that are duplicates; it will take the changes that are on the import
    • Automatically publish all imported data: Save and publish add imported data, if this option is set to no it will just save the imported data but not be published, it will need to be manually published
  6. Click Upload File
  7. A pop-up will display with a summary of Successful and Unsuccessful Items; click OK to exit


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