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Basic Conflict Troubleshooting

Browser Versions

If you are having problems viewing a website properly, your web browser could be out of date. Please check with your browser versions and update them to the most recent version. View our Browser and Device Support Policy for additional details, including mobile browser support.

Important Note

  • After changes, it is helpful to run a hard refresh on your browser. Hold Ctrl+ F5 to load a fresh instance of the web page directly from the server, which bypasses a cached version of a page.
    • Note: This process is best for PC users. These directions may be different if you are on MAC or laptop, or have assigned special key bindings to your keyboard.

One possibility for distorted view could be add-on or software conflicts. Having multiple add-ons will consume browser space and resources. Check if you have installed multiple toolbars and customize them to be more efficient, the following steps suggest how to verify and customize them. For site functionality, several add-ons are required to make everything work correctly. Below is a list of software tools our site uses in the event of conflicts. Ensure that tools are updated to most recent versions, check for compatibility issues, and make sure all are enabled and running:


The browser cache is a place on your hard disk where the browser keeps downloaded items on a web page in case they’re needed again. For example, when you first visit a page on this site, the browser downloads the logo into the cache and displays it on the page you’re viewing. For each additional page you visit, the logo doesn’t need to be downloaded again; as long as the same logo is displayed, it’s already on your hard disk, so it can load faster!

The cache has a size limit, and when the cache gets full or if you begin seeing errors or elements that do not appear correctly, some items need to be discarded to make more space and resolve any display issued.


Compatibility Mode is a Microsoft feature that allows different versions of Microsoft products, including Internet Explorer, to continue to work together as newer versions are produced. Enabling Compatibility Mode may fix some viewing errors.


General Troubleshooting Questions

If you are submitting a ticket to our support team, some helpful questions to have answered include the following:

  • Where does this error occur? (e.g. In pages on the live side, news module on the admin side)
  • What action is being completed when the error occurs?
  • How often does this occur, only in certain pages/modules or in multiple sections? Sometimes or every time?
  • Does this occur for other users taking the same actions?
  • Does this occur for this user on a different browser? Or, on a different computer?
  • Try it on your mobile smartphone or device (to try off-network, you may need to disable Wi-Fi). Does the error still occur?

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