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Information to Include in Your Ticket to Support


Support tickets can be submitted by contacting Support. Please provide the following information (as applicable) in order to expedite your requests or questions.

  • With which site are you working? Where on the site are you working? Please provide the appropriate page or module URLs.
    • Examples:,
  • With what device and browser are you accessing the site? 
    • Examples: Desktop using Internet Explorer in Windows 7, CivicPlus Mobile App on iPhone
    • Resource: What is My Browser?
  • What steps consistently reproduce the issue? Thorough details allow us to more quickly diagnose issues. 
  • What users are experiencing the issue?
    • Example: All users, front-end users who aren't signed in, just yourself
    • Note: Depending on the issue, we may be able to contact the users who are experiencing the issue. Please include the email addresses the user(s) that are experiencing the issue, as relevant.
  • Please attach any screenshots, videos, or other related information to your ticket.

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