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If you would like to add an item to one of the module categories, you will follow these steps (the same process as doing these actions on the CivicEngage site).


  1. Select the category you would like to add an item to 
  2. Select +
    • Note: If you do not see any categories list, that means you do not have permissions to the module. You will need to contact one of your System Administrators to discuss access. 
  3. Fill in the information
    • Choose a Category: Choose where you would like this item to categorize under
    • Title: Enter a title of the item/event
    • Lead In: Brief lead into the descriptive text
    • Full Text: Full text/description of the item
    • Display Dates: Dates you would like the item to display
    • Image: Image of the item you would like to display
    • "Read on..." Text: Additional information for the user
    • Link: Link to item/event website
    • Show Archives: Enables the archives to be shown
  4. Select a saving option
    • Save Changes: Allows you to come back and finish later 
    • Save and Publish: Saves the changes and publishes immediately it to the live site

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