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This article will describe the various actions of the Action Box in Agenda Center.  

Navigation Instructions

  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Agenda Center
  2. Select a category
  3. Navigate to the Agendas tab
  4. Click Actions next to a published Agenda
  5. View the Actions Box

Actions Box Features

  • Modify: Allows you to modify an Agenda
  • Copy Link: Creates links to use for hyperlinks from other sections of your CivicPlus site to the agendas, or from websites like Facebook, to the published agenda
  • Unpublish: Unpublishes the agenda from the live site
  • Copy: Makes an exact copy of the agenda which you can edit and save
  • Move to Category: Moves the agenda to a different agenda category
  • Copy to Calendar Event: Sends a copy of the agenda and minutes to the Calendar but will keep a copy of the agenda in the Agenda's Category
  • Archive: Sends the agenda and minutes to the Archive Center
  • Add Minutes: Opens the Agenda Minutes Work Bench

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