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This article will show you how to modify a User.

Important Note

  • This feature is only available to those not on the platform. Modifications for users for those on the platform is done by organization owners. Please visit our article about Organization Owners.
  • For more information on resetting your password, please visit our Platform Password Section.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > User Administration
  2. Select the user you wish to modify
    • Note: You can also Modify user by clicking the Choose an Action drop-down
  3. Make any changes necessary
    • First Name/Last Name: Edit the user's actual name
    • Username: Edit the user's site username
    • Email Address: Edit the user's email address
    • Photograph: Add a photo
    • Start Date: Allows you to set a start date that the user will be published
    • End Date: Allows you to set a date that the user will be unpublished
    • Back-End Groups: Allows you to pick back-end groups for the user to be a part of
    • Front-End Groups: Allows you to pick front-end groups for the user to be a part of
  4. Select Save at the top of the page

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