Benefits of HTTPS By Default


  • Validation of web content and user input. Without HTTPS, information passed over the web can be intercepted and maliciously altered, so users may receive a different page in their viewport than the page they requested while web servers can receive different information than that submitted by the end-user, i.e. information the user submitted into a form.
  • Privacy of web content and user input. Without HTTPS, all information passed to and from an end-user can be intercepted and read in plaintext.
  • Many industries have moved to an HTTPS By Default approach since 2018. CivicPlus believes it is important for our local government clients to also adopt this best practice.
  • Improved SEO. For example, websites under the HTTPS protocol have higher places in Google rankings.
  • Many new browser features require HTTPS to render content.
  • Users are more likely to browse longer and more frequently on your website because it utilizes a security certificate. This builds a relationship of trust between the user and your website.


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