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Chrome HTTPS Message User Guide


With the latest update by Google for Chrome, version 56 and higher, there will be a message that states, "Not secure" prior to the domain name of the site. This message shows if the site does not have a valid SSL certificate.

Important Notes

  • Other browsers have begun to adopt this practice as well.
  • When you request a password, the password transfers in an encrypted format over a secure connection via your production domain, which has an SSL.
  • CivicPlus provides a secure environment for our clients when you collect passwords, even when you do not have an SSL on your site.

Best Practices

CivicPlus does not recommend that you collect credit card information without an ePayment vendor set up. These transactions completed via the third party ePayment's vendor site. They are required to have an SSL. CivicPlus does not fall under this category and as such, we do not recommend that you collect credit card information or sensitive (personal, non-public) information via the Document Center, Forms, Form Center, or through any of our modules, as this information does not store in an encrypted environment.

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