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This article will show you how to enable automatic posting to shorten the amount of time and effort necessary to get information to your citizens. You can use a third-party RSS feed service to tie together your website and social media accounts.

When something new is added to the website, such as a job opening or an upcoming meeting, a third-party RSS feed service can automatically post it to your Facebook and Twitter pages. We recommend that you start with the following 5 most commonly updated feeds: Agenda Center, Alert Center, Calendar, Jobs, and News Flash.

CivicPlus is only able to provide support on our products, so a third-party application limits the support we are able to provide. If you use to set up the automation and if you experience any issues, it is encouraged to review their Help Center.


  1. Add /rss.aspx to your site URL
    • Note: The RSS Feeds webpage appears.
  2. Locate your desired feed
  3. Right-click on category, select Copy Link Address or similar action
  4. Create third-party RSS social pushing site and set up the RSS feed
    • See instructions for Set up and Push a Feed to
    • Note: CivicPlus recommends as we experience the most success with this feed reader. However, it is not the only available option. 

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