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This article will show you how to modify Site Properties.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > Site Properties
  2. Update fields as you would like
    • Default Notification Send Time: Will allow you to choose the default send-time for notifications
    • Document Link Behavior: Check to enable documents to open in a new window
    • Enable Mini Profiler: Check to enable mini profiler on your site
    • External Link Behavior: Check to open external links in a new window
    • Hide content until fully loaded: Check to have the content hidden until it is completely loaded 
    • Internal Link Behavior: Check to enable internal links to open in a new window
      • Note: This only works for Agenda Center, Facilities, and Activites modules.
    • Privacy Policy: Use HTML to modify the Privacy Policy  
      • Refresh Preview: Select to see the preview of your changes
    • Terms and Conditions: Use HTML to modify the Terms and Conditions
      • Refresh Preview: Select to see the preview of your changes
    • ReCaptcha Behavior: Check to allow ReCaptcha to be used on Form Center, Forms, Facilities, Activities, Bid Postings, and My Account
    • Enable Font Options: Check to enable font options on the editor for Pages, News Flash, and FAQs
    • Render Date/Time Pickers: Controls if date/time inputs include a date/time picker
      • Note: We recommend that you turn this off for ADA compliance.
      • Note: This property applies to Form Center.
  3. Scroll to the top and select Save Changes
    • Note: If you made changes, all existing module users will need to renew their terms. Click OK to continue.

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