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Since your government website is accessible all over the world, the © symbol or the word Copyright should be on your site to claim publication rights. The industry standard dictates that a copyright notice must be on a website whenever it is publicly available. Although not mandatory, the utilization of a copyright notice is a CivicEngage best practice because it can help deter copyright infringement.

CivicEngage web designers intentionally turn the copyright notice into a hyperlink so that when users click on the link, they are sent to a page that sets forth copyright and other restrictions of use in more detail. Though not legally mandated, we recommend you place one copyright notice for a website on the home page (usually at the bottom, in the footer).

If you would like to discuss possibilities of moving the Copyright Notices link to another location (perhaps, under About Us or Contact Us), we will help you make that change. However, we do recommend the footer of the homepage, as it is the industry standard and a CivicEngage best practice.

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