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The Image Editor tool resizes and crops images within CivicEngage. It allows you to modify existing images if you do not have access to photo editing software.




  • Move: Move the image around
  • Crop: Crop the image sides
  • Magnifying Glass: Zoom in or out
  • Arrows: Move the image up down, left or right more precisely than just the Move tool
  • Undo/Redo: Undo or redo an action
  • Flip: Choose to flip the image horizontally or vertically
  • Reset: Select to reset the image to its default format/appearance
  • Ratio: Use the middle row to select an aspect ratio
  • Name: Use the last row (text box) to give a name to the picture


  • Use the image selectors on the primary image to manually crop the image


  • Selection Box InfoDisplays width and height in pixels
  • Resize: Manually adjust the width and height
    • Lock Aspect Ratio: Click the chain link to lock the aspect ratio, so the image always keeps its width and height proportions
  • Crop and Resize Selection: Choose to save the cropped/resized image
  • Overwrite if file exists?: Click to overwrite existing files 


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