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If you are maintaining control of your own DNS you will need to be able to log into your DNS name servers to execute the IP address change - so make sure that you know how to log into that service before it's time to go live.

Whenever you change DNS records or name servers there is a delay because that change has to be communicated to the rest of the internet and servers will strategically cache data for a period of time to provide traffic communication faster. Changes can take anywhere from a few moments to an hour to begin displaying but can take up to 48 hours to completely propagate on the internet.


When ready to take your site live, you will need to:

  1. Edit the A record(s) to replace the current IP address with the new sites IP address
    • Note: Your project manager will provide this new IP address to you close to your go-live date or a DNS administrator with CivicPlus will reach-out to you with specific instructions.
  2. Wait for new/changed information to propagate
    • Note: Can take 24-48 hours, but is usually updated on most networks within a few hours

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