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Set Up a Department Header


CivicEngage allows you to create a unique banner for any department on your site. If you want more information about this feature, please contact your Client Success Manager. If you do not know who your Client Success Manager is, contact Support.

Important Note

  • This module may incur an additional cost, please contact your Client Success Manager for more information. 

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Article Feedback

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    Missi Spiker

    Can we have an article created showing how to take the hidden design "live"? For example, you have a department header design that is hidden in the feature links, but you want to add the content pages to that design and make the design public.


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    Missi Spiker

    Any update on my above comment? It would be nice if we could show how to un-hide a department header design from the feature links and move it up in the site map( essentially taking it live on an already existing site).

    Thank you!