Redirects Overview


A redirect is a shortcut from one URL to another. In the creation of a redirect, you can send guests to a simple URL if the address is long and complex, or to a new page if the old one has been changed. 

For example, could be the redirect for

DNS and Redirects

DNS and Redirects perform separate functions.

  • DNS controls which IP addresses are associated with specific DOMAINS.
  • Redirects control which items or pages specific URLs will take users and how those URLs display in the browser.


  • Create a short URL for a page/destination
  • Point custom domains to pages within your site


  • Cleanly promote an event or program without a long URL
  • Automatically direct users from an old URL to a new URL

Important Notes

  • There are no category-level permissions for this module. Permissions can only be set on an overall module level.
  • If you set up a condition/rule for a question on a form, the Redirect condition will trigger upon submission of the form. 

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