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This article will show you how to edit the page layouts. 


  1. Navigate to the page you would like to change the layout for
  2. Turn on Live Edit
  3. Select the Layout tab from the Live Edit toolbar
  4. Edit the layout
    • Layout: will change the layout look
      • Inherit 'Interior' from parent: will inherit the format of the parent page
      • Home: will show the same layout as the homepage including banners and colors
      • Interior: will retain the interior layout of the page based off of the themes previously used
      • Simple: will provide a simple layout without left-hand navigation
    • Feature column: check this to display the feature column on this page
    • Theme: choose a theme for the page; can be inherited from different parent pages
    • banner 1: choose a banner for your page
    • banner 2: choose an additional banner for your page
  5. Select Save Layout Changes

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    Jim Morrisey

    We (City of Lima, OH) have a homepage home banner (Community) which is not displaying properly. Need a little assistance.

  • Avatar
    Diana Abele

    I need to know how to edit the contents in the layout. Not finding creating layouts or editing layouts and no option to Add a new layout. Do I have to delete the current widget and add back a new one?