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Optimize Consulting is a consulting engagement that examines a critical service or process from start to finish. Your consultant will meet with the service-level owners to discuss how the use of your fully-integrated software solutions can best improve efficiency and effectiveness. Attendees will leave with a complete process map and detailed plan for implementing an optimized process flow to best serve internal staff and end-citizen users.

  • Make your organization most effective
  • Identify your key services
  • Understand how to make your processes most efficient


Anyone who has ownership in a department’s or service’s success receives an invitation.

The success of the organization depends on efficient and effective utilization of resources. Stakeholders who examine their business processes and find the best way to use their resources, both people and software, will get to an optimum state for their end users.

  • Document a process map
    • Create a service-level process map from start to finish to understand the steps a user must take to complete an action
  • Identify a critical path
    • Pinpoint the essential tasks in the service process
  • Plan your optimized service implementation
    • Create actionable steps to adapt current processes to a more efficient and effective method
  • Outline how you will sustain success
    • Develop a sustainment plan to continuously review and optimize processes


This consultation is available by virtual, multi-week, or multi-year. For more details about the cost of this consultation, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you are not sure who your account manager is, you can contact Support.

Optimize Delivers

  • Service-level process map
  • Online implementation plan
  • Sustainability plan

Better together

  • Best when combined with Navigate consulting

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