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CivicAdvise Research is an engagement session that pairs with a behind-the-scenes analysis with one of our CivicAdvise consultants. It reviews data and exposes the critical components that ensure end-users have easy access to the material they need on the website. Attendees leave with the knowledge of what needs to be on their website (both design and content) and the ability to make data-driven decisions about the direction of the website. This includes important learning tools, such as: 

  • Uncover the critical components of your website
  • Gain a complete picture
  • Determine where you are and where you want to go


A web team or other appropriate stakeholders receive invitations.

A successful website implementation and integration means that stakeholders take the time to understand their audience’s needs and make a plan to address those needs via the website.

Part of the planning will include: 

  • Get citizen feedback
    • Deploy a citizen and/or employee survey to hear from end users and better understand their needs
    • Let them tell you where your site falls short and where they want you to establish areas for improvement or future development
  • Conduct a gap analysis
    • Analyze current citizen interaction data (website, call logs and foot traffic) to find out how citizens reach you and what information they need
  • Establish an Integration Plan
    • Gather information about third-party applications that need to be replaced by or integrated into your new website
    • Avoid potential impediments at the end of the project


This consultation is available by virtual access, multi-week, or multi-year access. For more details about the cost of this consultation, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you are not sure who your account manager is, you can contact Support to connect with them. 

Research Delivers

  • Usage analytics report
  • Analysis of needs
  • Deploys a citizen survey
  • Citizen survey results report
  • Assessment report on integration needs

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