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CivicAdvice Counseling helps you set the stage for a sustainable website project.

Important Note

We offer on-site and virtual consulting. We will make a recommendation based on the size of your team and the scope of your project.

Consultation Benefits

Implementation of an enterprise-wide software solution is a huge undertaking. Not only does new software touch every department in your organization, it has the potential to positively impact hundreds of end-users in your community. Sometimes, incongruent stakeholder agendas, from elected officials to department heads, can make the process difficult. 

Our consultants can help you:

Align goals

  • Identify goals for implementation and beyond 
  • Make a plan to improve information and end-user navigation
  • Devise a strategy to integrate third-party applications

Get everyone excited and onboard

  • Facilitate stakeholder review of strategic initiatives to be achieved by a new website
  • Listen to and address everybody's needs

Identify your audience, top services, and most relevant information

  • Help analyze web statistics and citizen input
  • Create process maps for critical services
  • Suggest streamlined content to make it easy for citizens to follow and staff to maintain


Stage CivicAdvise Consulting Offering Who Should Attend Length Attendance Benefits Organizations Commitment Without Consulting


Web Team and

1-hour virtual

No Limit

Consultant will work with all
stakeholders to research your current website, target audience, and develop a
project roadmap.
2 Research Web Team and

1 day +
1 admin day

Up to 20

Consultant will work with all
stakeholders to get everyone excited and align with the website project.
60 staff hours
3 Align Web Team and

2 days +
1 admin day

Top 200 pages

Consultant will work with stakeholders to collect data (call logs, foot logs, web
analytics, 3rd party applications) to make good project decisions.
120 staff hours
per 200 pages
4 Navigate Web Team and
Website Content

1 day +
1 admin day

Per 6 departments

Consultant will work with departments to recognize their audience, top services, and most relevant information. 60 staff hours
per 6 departments
5 Optimize  Web Team and

1 day +
1 admin day

Per 2 services

Consultant will facilitate the creation of a process map for critical departments or services and will create a plan for how to optimize via the website. 30 staff hours
per 1 service



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