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Navigate is a consulting engagement review of what your web traffic tries to find and determines whether your current website navigation and content obtains what they need. Attendees will review content and navigation structure down to the appropriate department, team, or service level, and will plan the best way to implement, sustain, and measure a fully functioning website.

  • Direct users to the most useful web content
  • Engage your website editors
  • Take time to understand the content on your site


Anyone who has ownership in a department’s or service’s success receives an invitation.

A successful website is one where the end user can find information quickly and navigate the website fluidly. That success is dependent on the planning that goes into the content and navigation before the website is implemented.

  • Establish global navigation components
    • Discuss essential content and establish a top-level navigation to get priority information front and center for end users.
  • Plan department content priorities
    • Critically examine current content with department-level editors to establish whether it is valuable and up-to-date.
  • Identify website modules to replace or integrate with applications
    • Explore how to simplify current tools or applications either by integration into or replacement by the website.


This consultation is available by virtual, multi-week, or multi-year. For more details about the cost of this consultation, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you are not sure who your account manager is, you can contact support to be redirected.

Navigate Delivers

  • Website navigation recommendation
  • Department goals and tracking report
  • Action plan for training report
  • Post-launch action plan report

Better together

  • Best when combined with Research or Optimize consulting.

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