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Envision is a virtual engagement paired with a consultant behind-the-scenes analysis. Your CivicAdvise consultant will examine your current website, research your target population, and develop a project roadmap to pull these facets together.


Web team or other decision-making stakeholders are invited.

  • A successful website implementation and integration means that stakeholders know the strengths and limitations of their organization and that they have taken the time to articulate their vision and goals for a software integration.


This consultation is available by virtual, multi-week, or multi-year. For more details about the cost of this consultation, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you are not sure who your account manager is, you can contact support to be redirected.

Signing Up

This consultation is available at no cost to CivicPlus prospects and clients through their Regional Sales Manager or Account Manager when expert guidance is needed.

  • Understand your audience
    • Some critical components to building an intuitive online community tool means understanding your audience; how they do business online or in person and what activities they do within the community. Digging into these questions helps lay the groundwork for a modern online tool that can best serve your citizens.
  • Think about your vision
    • Identifying where your organization wants to go with their online presence begins by identifying a clear and concise vision. Organizational leaders and community members alike should weigh in on the level of change your organization is up for—redecorating, remodeling, or completely revolutionizing.
  • Create your goals
    • Many organizations start a software transition with very loose goals around what they want to accomplish. By setting and measuring project goals, you can create a true understanding the impact a website or online tool brings to your organization.
  • Understand organizational limitations
    • Know what an enterprise-level software integration project entails. An analysis of your current resources will help you know the time away from day-to-day responsibilities it will take to see a successful implementation through.

Envision Delivers

  • Organizational analysis
  • Recommendations

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