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This article will show you how to add a back-end group.


Important Note

You may add front-end or back-end groups. Each will have special abilities depending on their permissions. For more information on groups, please visit our Front-End vs Back-end article.


Permissions Overview

  • V (View): Can see documents, cannot edit
  • A (Authors): Can edit and create documents, cannot publish documents
  • P (Publisher): Can edit, create, and publish documents
  • O (Owner): Has full rights to a group



  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > Group Administration

  2. Click Add Back-End Group

  3. On the Settings tab, create a Group Name and Description
    • Group Name: Assign a group name; it should include what level of rights you are giving to the group to assist in assigning rights later
      • Example: Parks and Rec – Publisher
    • Description: Allows you to add a description to the group

  4. Navigate to the Modules tab and assign Module Permissions
    • Note: If you wish to give a group complete access to a module, you can use this tab if you wish to restrict access to just one category you will need to do this at the module level.

  5. Navigate to the Pages tab and assign Pages Permissions
    • Note: The pages tab allows you to set rights on a page by page basis. You must select ALL pages you want the group to have access to, this must include all subpages; if you wish to grant access to an entire set of pages you can do this in the pages menu.

  6. Navigate to the Users tab and add Users
    • Select the checkboxes next to the user name to add users to the group

  7. Click Save or Save and Publish
    • Save: Saves the current Group as a draft
    • Save and Publish: Immediately activates the permissions and group

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