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Every page and module on your site uses a layout and a theme to display its content.

With Theme Manager, you can modify multiple aspects of your site:

  • Site Styles: The styles of common page components like paragraphs, numbered lists, images, tables, etc.
  • Banners: Banner Slots can accept multiple banners, which provides an easy way to use banner designs for different pages.
  • Navigation: Your site uses main navigation and secondary navigation, both of which use styles set here, in Design Center.
  • Containers: Page content, widgets, and modules all display within containers, which are part of the Layout. With Design Center, you can style those containers.
  • Widget Skins: Widgets display on a page using a skin for their styles. You define those skins, as part of a theme in Design Center, and then choose which one to use when building your pages.

Navigation Instructions

  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > Design Center
  2. Select Theme Manager

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