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Every page and module on your site uses a layout and a theme to display its content.

With Theme Manager, you can modify multiple aspects of your site:

  • Site Styles: The styles of common page components like paragraphs, numbered lists, images, tables, etc.
  • Banners: Banner Slots can accept multiple banners, which provides an easy way to use banner designs for different pages.
  • Navigation: Your site uses main navigation and secondary navigation, both of which use styles set here, in Design Center.
  • Containers: Page content, widgets, and modules all display within containers, which are part of the Layout. With Design Center, you can style those containers.
  • Widget Skins: Widgets display on a page using a skin for their styles. You define those skins, as part of a theme in Design Center, and then choose which one to use when building your pages.

Important Note

  • This module will not be available unless you have purchased it. If you would like to access Theme Manager at an additional cost, please contact your Client Success Manager for more information.

Navigation Instructions

  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > Design Center
  2. Select Theme Manager

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