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Archives vs. Archive Center


A frequent cause for confusion is the distinction between Archives and Archive Center. This article will highlight the purpose and features for each item.

  Purpose Features
Archive Center A file repository that houses data-sensitive documents that must organize and display chronologically. 
  • Documents found in Archive Center:
    • Annual Reports
    • Budgets 
    • Agendas and Minutes
      • Note: Agenda Center is more optimal for these types of documents.
    • Newsletters
    • Other documents you want to display current and past versions of
  • Archive Center automatically publishes all Saved items, regardless of Published or Not Published status.
Archives A database back-up of all Published content within your CivicEngage site. This includes documents, calendar events, pages, or anything else within your site that is published.
  • All Published items archive automatically.
    • Note: This is not an optional feature and is done to help comply with record retention requirements.
    • Note: If an item is Saved but not Published, it does not automatically archive.
  • Your site will do a site-wide backup on a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly basis, in which the site remotely backs-up all Archived Items. 
    • Note: In this back-up, all deleted items within the past week will leave the Archives. They are only accessible from remote backups. If you need to recover a deleted item, do this within the week, rather than a month later.
  • The Archive action in some tools moves the item to the Archives, after which it is no longer accessible by the public.
  • If desired, the Archives can become publicly accessible on the site, within Modules. 
    • This is a Property setting for the individual categories.
    • By default, News Flash and Alert Center enable this functionality. 

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