Legacy Editor Features


The Legacy Editor Widget is the previous version of the Editor Widget.

We recommend that you use the Editor widget instead of the Legacy Editor. This is because the Editor widget has more ADA tools, is responsive (including tables), and includes additional tools and features that were not available in the Legacy Editor, such as font options and full-screen mode.

To add and use the Legacy Editor, view our article Add a Legacy Editor to Your Page.

Legacy Editor Features


  • indent.pngIndent: Create an indentation
  • outdent.pngOutdent: Remove an indentation
  • applyCSS.pngApply CSS: Select a style that is made for your site, such as Headline, Subhead1, Subhead2, etc
  • showadvancedtools.pngShow Advanced Tools: Click to view and use Advanced Tools; also includes all normal tools
    • Also present in normal Toolbar:
      • bold.pngBold: Bold text
      • italic.pngItalic: Italicize text
      • strikethrough.pngStrikethrough: Include a cross mark through your text
      • indent.pngIndent
      • outdent.pngOutdent
      • numberedlist.pngNumbered List: Add a numbered list
      • bulletedlist.pngBulleted List: Add a bulleted list
      • insertdocumentlink.pngInsert Document Link: Opens up the Document Center so you can select a document to link to
      • hyperlinkmanager.pngHyperlink Manager: Insert and format a link
      • removelink.pngRemove Link: Remove a link
        • Note: Does not remove the text, just un-formats the text so that it will not direct to another site.
      • undo.pngUndo: Undo a recent change
      • redo.pngRedo: Redo a recent change
      • help.pngHelp: Non-functional, contact Support for assistance
      • cut.pngCut: Copy and automatically delete text
      • copy.pngCopy: Copies text, but does not remove it
      • pasteplain.pngPaste Plain Text: Paste text without special formatting
      • spellcheck.pngAJAX Spellchecker: Checks your text for spelling errors
      • findandreplace.pngFind and Replace: Search and replace specific text
      • applyCSS.pngApply CSS
  • HTML_Validator.pngXHTML Validator: Checks the grammar of the HTML coding
  • formastripper.pngFormat Stripper: Removes special formatting
  • foregroundcolor.pngForeground Color: Select a foreground (font) color for your text box
  • backgroundcolor.pngBackground Color: Select a background color for your text box
  • underline.pngUnderline: Underline text
  • subscript.pngSubscript: Allows you to have text smaller than your normal text and on the bottom, similar to a sub-text
  • superscript.pngSuperscript: Allows you to have text smaller than your normal text and aligned to the top, similar to saying "x squared"
  • align_left.pngAlign Left: Align text to the left side of the text box
  • aligncenter.pngAlign Center: Align text to the middle/center of the text box
  • alignright.pngAlright Right: Align text to the right side of the text box
  • justify.pngJustify: Align text with left margin, spacing adjusts to both margins
  • Show/Hide BorderHides/shows the borders of a table
  • insertable.pngInsert Table: Add a table
    • Note: In the Legacy Editor, this feature is unresponsive, but is responsive in the Editor Widget. 
  • insertsymbol.pngInsert Symbol: Insert a special character
  • insertdate.pngInsert Date: Insert the current date
    • Note: You can edit the text to read any date you need. 
  • horizontalrule.pngHorizontal Rule: Insert a straight, horizontal line
  • imagemanager.pngImage Manager: Insert an image from your system
  • flashmanager.pngFlash Manager: Allows users to insert Flash documents/files into the site
    • Note: Not all browsers support Flash.
  • slideshowmanager.pngSlideshow Manager: Add and format a slideshow
  • paste.pngPastePaste text, with original formatting
  • FontName.pngFont Name: Select a font
  • RealFontSize.pngReal Font Size: Select a font size
  • hideadvancedtools.pngHide Advanced Tools: Click to hide all advanced tools
  • In the Text Box
    • design.pngDesign: Select to see the regular text box
    • HTML.pngHTML: Select to see the HTML Code view of the text box

Features not available in Legacy Editor

These features are not available in this Legacy Editor widget, but are available to use in the Editor Widget:

  • Fullscreen: Expand your editing window to your whole screen
  • Block Quote: Align a region (block) of your text differently than the rest of your text
  • Quote: Wraps your text in a q tag, which inserts quotation marks and informs screen readers and other devices that the content is a quote
  • Abbreviation: Informs the screen reader that there is an abbreviation; enhances comprehension of the text for the end-user
  • Language: Tells screen readers if specific text is a different language; enhances comprehension and translation for the end-user
  • Clear Formatting: Quickly remove extra formatting on your page
  • Select All: Quickly and easily select all content that is in the editor

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