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Widgets can customize your pages on your site. Listed in this article are the different widgets you may find while in Live Edit. In Live Edit, the widgets will be broken into two groups; content and modules. Content widgets allow you to add content to your page. Modules widgets allow you to add modules to your page.


  • Legacy Editor Widget: Allows you to edit the pages on your site
  • Editor Widget: Also allows you to edit pages on your site; newer version of Legacy Editor
  • Image Widget: Allows you to add images to a page
  • Slideshow Widget: Allows you to add a slideshow of images to a page
  • Related Documents Widget: Creates a dynamic list of documents referenced in the Document Center
  • Pages Widget: Allows you to list all of the subpages related to a page
  • Spacer Widget: Allows you to add a space to the page 
  • Tabbed Widget: Allows you to add tabs to separate content in one central location
  • Carousel Widget: Allows you to group and display up to 10 widgets in one location with the navigation functionality of an arrow
  • List Widget: Allows you to create lists on a page
  • Text Widget: Allows you to add text to a page
  • Contact Us: Add a contact section to your page
  • Text Only: Add a text-only section to your page
  • Search Widget: Allows you to add a search bar to a page
  • Share Widget: Allows you to add a share button to your page, so citizens can share content to their social media
  • Site Tools Widget: Allows you to add a site navigation button to a page
  • Table Widget: Allows you to add a table to your page
  • Custom HTML Widget: Allows you to embed videos in your page
  • Google Translate Widget: Allows you to add a google translate button to your page
  • Anchor Widget: Allows you to add anchors to your page for easier navigation


  • Alert Center: Allows you to add a banner to your site when there is an emergency/important notification in the area
  • Calendar: Allows you to add a calendar of events for specific pages on your site
  • Community Voice: Allows you to add a place on a page where citizens can have discussions about related topics
  • FAQs: Allows you to add FAQs related to your page for clarity and understanding
  • Graphic Links: Allows you to add graphics on your site that link to other pages
  • Info Advanced: Allows you to add sections of specified information related to your page
  • News Flash: Allows you to inform citizens and users of what is happening in and around your city, town, county or school district
  • Quick Links: Allows you to provide links to important information, documents or related websites, cutting down on phone calls and foot traffic
  • RSS: Allows citizens to subscribe to the feed of specific modules of your site
  • Staff Directory: Allows you to add staff contact information

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