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Widgets are used to customize pages. Listed in this article are the different widgets available in Live Edit. Widgets belong to one of two groups: Content and Modules.

Content widgets allow adding and editing content directly on a page via Live Edit.

Modules widgets allow adding module content to a page. This allows automatic updating of pages from modules such as the Calendar or News Flash. This also allows adding content to multiple pages that can be edited in a single location (Info Advanced, Quick Links or Staff Directory). Content for Modules widgets is edited in the associated module.

If you are unsure which widget contains existing content on a page, please view the article for Determining Widget Type.



  • Alert Center: Allows you to add a banner to your site when there is an emergency/important notification in the area
  • Calendar: Allows you to add a calendar of events for specific pages on your site
  • Community Voice: Allows you to add a place on a page where citizens can have discussions about related topics
  • FAQs: Allows you to add FAQs related to your page for clarity and understanding
  • Graphic Links: Allows you to add graphics on your site that link to other pages
  • Info Advanced: Allows you to add sections of specified information related to your page
  • News Flash: Allows you to inform citizens and users of what is happening in and around your city, town, county or school district
  • Quick Links: Allows you to provide links to important information, documents or related websites, cutting down on phone calls and foot traffic
  • RSS: Allows citizens to subscribe to the feed of specific modules of your site
  • Staff Directory: Allows you to add staff contact information

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