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This article will tell you how to copy graphic buttons in the Graphic Links module. This allows you to copy a button into another module while keeping the original button in its original category or create a duplicate in the original category.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Graphic Links
  2. Click on the category that contains Graphic Buttons that you want to copy
  3. Next to the button you want to copy, select Choose an Action > Copy
  4. Choose the category that the copied button will go into
    • Note: You can choose a different category so that you will have the same button in two or more categories, or the same category to have a duplicate.
  5. Click Copy
    • Note: You will automatically be rerouted to the selected category
  6. In the selected category, the button will show as Unpublished; click Choose an Action > Publish if you want to make the button public
    • Note: Authors cannot publish buttons.

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    Marjean Diercks

    I followed these instructions step by step, trying to copy a button from the Default category over to a new category I created, but there is nothing in the unpublished of the new category.