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This article will show you how to edit a Blog post using Live Edit. 



  1. Go to Modules > Live Edit > Blog

  2. Turn on Live Edit 

  3. Find the post you would like to edit

  4. Select the KAM icon to display your editing options

  5. Select Modify

  6. Modify the post 
    • Post Name: Public Name of this blog post
    • Full Post: This is the complete text of your blog post
      • This uses the same editor as the Legacy Editor Widget; to see the full menu select the Show Additional Tools button at the end of the toolbar.
    • Lead In: Just a brief summary of the post, it is shown on the main blog page before they read the full post
    • Show Additional Details: To see additional options
    • Tags: These are search tags for major topics in your post
    • Display: This will post your blog to the website on the day selected and take it down on the date selected

  7. Choose a saving option
    • Save: Will save the information without publishing to the live site
    • Save and Send: Will save the information and send it to subscribers
      • A notification window will open; your options to send the notification include:
        • Comments: Attach a brief description of the blog
        • Mobile Text/Push Message: Attach a message to the SMS notification
        • Include link to item: Provides a link to the item within the SMS message for a user to select via their mobile device.
        • Send
          • On Start Date: Sends the notification on the start date previously set
          • Immediately: Sends the notification immediately
        • Select Send, Don’t Send, or Cancel: The notification will then send accordingly to those who have signed up in Notify Me for the selected Blog category
        • Cancel: Will delete the changes made

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