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Add a Residential Listing from the Front End

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This article will tell you how to add a Residential Listing from the front-end view.


  1. Navigate to [yourdomain]/realestate.aspx

  2. Click on My Properties

  3. Select Add Residential Listing

  4. Fill in the Listing Information
    • Price: Enter the price of the listing
    • For Sale or Rent (required)Select For Sale or For Rent
    • Display (required)Choose the timeframe for when the listing is available
      • Feature this listing for free: Select this to feature this property on the Real Estate Locator's main screen for no price
      • Note: This does not mean the price of the listing will be free.
    • Hide this listing from the public: Select if you want to keep this listing hidden from the public

  5. Click Continue

  6. Fill in Basic Property Information
    • Owner (required)Enter the name of the owner
      • Note: This information does not display publically.
    • Address (required): Enter the street, city, state, and zip code of the listing
    • County: Enter the listing's county
    • Type (required)Select the type of house
    • Bedrooms (required)Select the number of bedrooms
    • Bathrooms (required)Select the number of bathrooms
    • Basement: Select Yes or No to whether or not the listing has a basement
    • Living Area (required)Enter the square footage of the listing
    • Description: Enter a brief description
    • MLS Number: Enter the listing's MLS number
      • MLS Number: Multiple Listing System number

  7. Click Continue

  8. Fill in Property Details & Features fields (all optional features)
    • Neighborhood: Enter the name of the neighborhood
    • School District: Enter the name of the school district the listing automatically belongs to
    • Home Owner's Association (HOA): Enter name of the Home Owner's Association
    • Annual HOA Fees: Enter the dollar amount of fees for the HOA
    • Taxes: Enter the dollar amount of taxes
    • Lot Size: Enter the lot size in acres
    • Year Built: Enter the year the listing was built
    • Exterior: Enter the type of exterior (brick, siding, stone, etc)
    • Garage: Select the status of the garage (attached, separate, carport, no garage)
    • A/C: Enter the type of air conditioning (eg: central, window, none, etc)
    • Heat: Enter the type of heating (eg: central, gas, electric, etc)
    • Additional info
      • Link Address: Enter the link to an external website, if applicable
      • Link Text: Create front-end text for your link
    • Features: List any additional features
      • Click to add features

  9. Click Continue

  10. Fill in Photos & Videos field (optional features)
    • Add Photo: Upload images from your computer
      • Notes: 
        • Upload up to 20 photos for your listing
        • Hover over a thumbnail to change the order or remove a photo
    • Video: Paste a link to a video

  11. Click Continue

  12. Choose to view a Preview or Post
    • Preview: Shows you a preview of the listing
    • Post: Will immediately post the listing
    • Note: The property will not list on the public side until it is approved on the Admin Side. Please view our Approve/Publish Real Estate Property article for more information.

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