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Within the Notify Me module, you can set a specific sender name to appear as the From identity on an email when a user confirms their subscription as well as when they receive an email. This article walks you through how to set a sender name.


Important Notes

  • If a user subscribes to multiple lists, the default CivicPlus sender name will appear.
  • Sender names are currently available in the system, however, the confirmation emails will not use the sender name until after this release.
  • Before making this change we recommend that you review your SPF records as to help ensure high message delivery rates you would most likely want to include the IP ranges of CivicPlus:
    • ip4:
    • ip4:
    • ip4:



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Notify Me

  2. Either Modify a Category or Create a New Category

  3. Set a Sender Name and Reply Address
    • Sender Name: This is the name that you would like to display with the list, such as "Public Safety" or "City of CivicCity"
    • Reply Address: This is the email that you would like replies to go to, such as ""

  4. Click Save at the top of the page

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