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Permissions can be set on the module level or category level. This article outlines the basic steps to set Category Permissions.

Important Note

  • The following instructions utilize Calendar as an example, it is encouraged to review adding or modifying a category in the module you are working within for specific details.


  1. Navigate to your desired module
  2. Locate the desired category
  3. Select Actions
  4. Select Modify
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Permissions section
  6. Modify the permissions
    • View: Viewing rights only
    • Author: Can create and modify items for submittal
    • Publisher: Can approve author changes and publish items
    • Owner: Can approve, publish, and delete items
    • Note: Any grayed out permissions are set on the module level and cannot be modified on a category level.
  7. Select Save Changes

Helpful Notes:

  • The Request Tracker Module is an exception to normal permissions. Since it uses a licensing system you must give a user permission to the module/category, then you will click on the user's tab in that module to add the user as an active user.
    • Note: Only users who have permission will show up in the user list for the module.
  • If you go to a module and click on the Permissions tab at the top of the page, be very careful. Typically, you do not want to make changes here because that will give the user group permission to all categories in the module. Similarly, Save and Push Down will overwrite all of the permissions for the categories in the module and is irreversible. If you are ever in doubt about using save and push down, do not use it or contact us.
  • Permission levels in the Agenda Center also differ slightly because of the workflows. In this module, publishers can publish items but cannot publish agendas. You must be at least an owner to publish an agenda in the Agenda Center Module.

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