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The Page Tags field allows you to add metadata, scripts or additional CSS styles to a page's Head section. Information in this field must conform to HTML standards.

Page Tags can help with search by telling SEO engines what the exact content of the pages is. Keywords help group together types of articles by important phrases.

Information added to this field can potentially cause page errors, including being unable to access editing functions. If you are unsure, please contact Support.


Important Note

  • Page tags are entered in HTML format, whereas keywords is simple text content
  • Examples of useful/common tags include:
    • <meta name="keywords" content="HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, JavaScript">
    • <meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials on HTML and CSS">
    • <meta name="author" content="John Doe">
  • Text entered in the Description field of the Page Version Options will be added to the page's "meta description=" tag.



  1. Locate your desired page
  2. Turn on Live Edit

  3. Ensure Versions is selected on the tab menu

  4. Select Actions on the desired version you would like to add the page tag to

  5. Select Options

  6. Locate the Page Tags section

  7. Insert desired tags
    • Note: Tags are entered in HTML format.

  8. Click Save Changes



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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Jim Steffensmeier

    For more info on Meta Tags, try W3 Schools

  • Avatar
    Michael Jacoby

    It would be nice if you put how this is different from Keywords.

  • Avatar
    Caryn Jackson

    Examples of useful tags would be helpful.

  • Avatar
    Jackson Wright

    Hi -

    Information has been added to the article's Overview on the difference between Keywords and Page Tags. Useful tags have been added as part of the Important Notes.

    Thank you!

    Your Help Center Team

    Edited by Jackson Wright
  • Avatar
    Caryn Jackson

    Also note: Adding Keywords (above the Page Tags area pictured above) will automatically add - meta name="keywords" - to your page. You do not have to add the actual script to the Page Tags section at all. I think this article is confusing because you added keywords meta tag to your "Examples of useful/common tags include:" when you don't need to; there is already a place for keywords just above page tags.

    Edited by Caryn Jackson