Department Header Packages (DHP)


Enhanced Search Overview


Users can now enhance their search results to view items tagged as specific departments in pages, calendar, and document center.



  1. In order to have this enabled for your Department Header Package, please contact your Client Success Manager, if you do not know who your Client Success Manager is, please contact our Support team
    • Note: Additional charges apply.
  2. Turn on Enhanced Search for Calendar
  3. Turn on Enhanced Search for Pages
  4. Turn on Enhanced Search for Document Center
  5. Turn on Enhanced Search on the Site Search Widget

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Article Feedback

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    Michael Jacoby

    Would like an example of how this would work. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Molly Adams

    Could you add instructions for how to set up the search widget itself to enable this functionality?

  • Avatar
    Megan Underwood

    Please add an article that provides an overview of what a DHP is.

  • Avatar
    Diana Cleland

    As a summary, I thought this page would show what enhanced search is, compared to normal search. Not sure which we have and thought I could find this info here.

    Edited by Diana Cleland
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    Caryn Jackson

    Still not sure exactly what the Enhanced Search is.... perhaps provide a demo webinar to existing customers?