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This article will show you how to publish a Calendar Event.

If you want to publish multiple events at one time, use Bulk Actions.  


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Calendar
  2. Select your calendar
  3. Click Actions next to your desired event
  4. Select Publish to make the event viewable
  5. Choose notification options
    • Subject: Create a subject heading
    • Comments: Add additional comments
      • Note: There is a 1000 character limit.
    • Mobile Text/Push Message: Add the text message
      • Note: 160 character limit
    • Include link to item: Check to include a link to the event
    • Choose a Send Option
      • Send: Will send a notification on the selected date
        • On Event Start Date: Select to notify your subscribers on the start date of the event
        • Immediately: Select to notify your subscribers immediately; this will send a notification for each instance of a recurring event (ex: an event occurs 52 times, a user will get 52 emails)
        • x Number of Days in Advance: Select to notify your subscribers a specified number of days prior to the event date; this will send a notification for each instance of a recurring event at the designated number of days in advance of the recurring event
      • Don't Send: Will save the event but does not send a notification
      • Cancel: Will cancel your attempted saving of the event

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