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Domain Information 

A domain name identifies your website. This is how users will reach your site. When your CivicPlus site goes live, the user will type the domain name into a web browser to reach the new site. You’re able to search and purchase domains through domain providers, such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, HostGator, etc..

Important Note

CivicPlus cannot purchase or accept the domain registration transfer for .gov, or .state.us domains. These domain registrars prohibit the transfer of the domain to maintain the integrity of their domain names. Please reach out to dotgov.gov for information about purchasing/registering these domains.

DNS Information

DNS, or Domain Name System, is known as the “phone book” of the Internet. This server houses the unique IP addresses for individual domains. These unique IP addresses may be for a website, mail servers, or other services that you want to use the domain for. The role of the DNS server is to translate the IP address when the website domain name is requested. Without DNS, we would have to remember the IP address for each website we would like to visit. Since this information is stored on the DNS server, the server returns the value to the browser and allows you to connect to the requested site.

When your CivicPlus site goes live, the IP address updates from old to new on the DNS server. Then when a user types the domain name into the browser, the new site will load.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Transferring DNS and/or Domain Registration


CivicPlus Hosted DNS

Client Hosted DNS

Only CivicPlus has login access to the DNS servers- record updates are requested to CivicPlus (M-F, 8-5 CST) with up to a 4 business hour response time.

Client can manage DNS records manually and has direct access.

CivicPlus guarantees uptime and availability of external name servers.

Client responsible for managing DNS records.

CivicPlus will make IP address update to launch new CivicPlus website.

Client responsible for IP Address Change to launch CivicPlus website.

CivicPlus Hosted Domain Registration

Client Hosted Domain Registration

CivicPlus renews domain registration when transferred and will renew the domain as needed, as long as the domain is still pointing to a live CivicPlus site.

Client renews the domain registration.

Only CivicPlus has login access to the domain account.

Client has login access to the domain account.


Material(s) Required to Transfer (if applicable)

  • DNS Transfer: DNS records from the current provider. To look up who your current provider is, follow the instructions in the article Find My DNS Provider to query your domain. The query will return the DNS server information. Please contact this provider and request a copy of the DNS records. Please submit these records to the DNS team in a TXT, Excel, or BINDs file format.

  • Domain Transfer: If you also want to transfer your domain registration, please ensure you have login access to the domain and that the contact information for the domain is up to date. If you are not sure who your current domain provider is, view our article Find my Registrar. If this is option is indicated on your DNS form, a Systems Engineer will reach out to you with additional steps to transfer the domain.

New Domain Name

We can purchase a domain on your behalf if we are hosting it for you. Search in Go Daddy for what domains are available. Once you find a domain that you would like for your CivicPlus site, please put this domain name on the form and note that you would like us to purchase it for you, and we will purchase the domain and set up the DNS.


Still have questions? Please email our DNS Team.

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