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This article will show you how to change the way your calendar appears in Design Center Pro

There are two ways to change the appearance:

  • Make a new option set. Refrain from editing the Default Option Set. When you create a new option set, you can then customize this to however you want it to look for certain sections on your site. 
  • Change the header appearance. You can change the text and add an image, then you can change how many items to display, how many columns to display, etc. 

This article will show you how to make a new option set. 


  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > Design Center
  2. Select Widget Manager
  3. Select your desired Widget
  4. Click the sign to add a new Option Set
  5. Create a name for your option set
  6. Click Create Option Set
  7. Navigate to the editor tabs to configure your option set
    • Header:
      • Text: Create header text
      • Image: Choose an image to include in the header
      • Link: Choose to link to module categories or link to module home screen
      • Show When Empty: Choose to show when there are no full or basic alerts to display
    • Items:
      • Category: Choose categories to display
      • Default Number to Display: Choose how many items to display at one time
      • Full Items/Basic Items/Empty (No Items): Expand these lists to select an icon to represent each section
    • View All Link:
      • Display: Choose to display the View All link
      • Text: Add text for the link
      • Image: Choose to add or remove an image
      • Position: Choose where to place the link
      • Vertical Alignment: Choose how to align the link
    • Notify Me Link:
      • Display: Choose to display the Notify Me link
      • Text: Add text for the link
      • Image: Choose to add or remove an image
      • Position: Choose where to place the link
    • Footer:
      • Text: Create footer text
      • Image: Click Choose Image to add an image to the footer
    • Misc:
      • Basic Alert Header Styles: Customize HTML header style
      • Misc. Styles: Customize HTML miscellaneous styles
  8. Click Save

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