Contacts in Domain Registration


When you transfer domain control to CivicPlus, the domain registration at GoDaddy involves 5 contacts that are designated certain rights and privileges.

  • The Registrant is the licensee of the domain name. This is the individual or company who has the right to use, sell, or destroy a domain name. This party is the official owner and has the highest authority for the domain name. Usually, the registrant is the same as the administrative contact; however, in some circumstances, the registrant may designate another individual to be responsible for the maintenance of the name.
    • This is CivicPlus
    • When using the whois utility, this party is listed at the top of the record. This person is the contact agent of the organization. 

  • The Administrative Contact is the licensee's appointed agent for the functions above and any other purpose. In the case that the Registrant is a company, the Administrative Contact should be an employee, director, manager of the company. This person has full authority for all changes in our system so care should be taken in selecting the appropriate person to nominate for this role.
    • This is you

  • The Technical Contact is the person responsible for the maintenance of the DNS name servers associated with the domain name. This enables that contact to make updates if necessary if, for example, the name of the DNS name server changes. This party does not have the authority to transfer ownership or administrative rights. 
    • This is CivicPlus if you transferred DNS. Otherwise, this is your Technical Contact

  • The Billing Contact is the primary point of contact responsible for paying for the domain name's license renewal fees. 
    • This is CivicPlus

  • A Domain Name Registrar is an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. VCG has partnered with GoDaddy as the registrar of VCG-managed domain names.
    • This is GoDaddy

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